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Walls of shame

Duration: 2 x 50 minute sessions
Includes english version
Walls of shame


The aim of this activity is to recognise the value of the human dignity working around Human Rights, specifically Articles 13 and 14, which speak of the free movement of people.

We will also work on the way we project the world, encouraging us to know and compare the projections of Mercator and Gall-Peters. It will help to understand and question the Eurocentric view reflected in the maps.

Next, we introduce the concept of the "wall of shame", as a barrier between geographical areas and their populations (Annex 1).


  1. 1 - Competence in autonomy and personal initiative
  2. 2 - Competence in information processing and digital competence
  3. 3 - Social and citizen competence

Necessary material

* Computer with Internet connection.
* Projector.
* Activity appendixes.

Material to download

Card 4.1.pdf
Card 4.2.pdf
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Walls of shame
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13 to 14 years


Social Sciences