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Network that unites adolescents and young people annually and in person to groups that work with Alboan to share their experiences and organize their joint actions.

What we do in Gaztesarea

We support the work of adolescents and young people in the realm of non-formal learning, from the Educational Free Time area to municipal youth services, and also universities or informal educational spaces in schools and colleges.

We encourage interaction among young people by holding meet-ups between the groups that work with Alboan. Gaztesarea is the network that brings all these groups together and holds an annual gathering to share experiences and organise joint actions.

If you form part of a group, we can offer you training itineraries, tools and mobilisation proposals on topics such as gender equality, migrations, ecology, the SDGs, etc. All of this on the basis of active methodologies that encourage young people to take the lead by developing skills for participation, fostering the practice of a global citizenship committed to social change and justice.