End-of-life management of your smartphone e-waste

End-of-life management of your smartphone e-waste

Let's start with a brief definition of electronic waste, popularly known as e-waste. E-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. This includes old computers, mobile phones, appliances, mp3 players, tablets, USB sticks, printers, etc. Some break down, others become obsolete as technology advances and some are simply discarded because consumers want a newer model with better performance. Smartphones make up some, but not all, e-waste.

Material necesario
Proyector, ordenador con conexión a Internet, documental "Comprar, tirar, comprar".
Para el grupo de los más jóvenes se puede utilizar la siguiente variante: Película "WALL-e". Para orientar el trabajo se puede usar la unidad didáctica disponible en:
12 to 18 years
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Recipients: Third party service providers, including international transfers.
Rights: Access, rectification, erasure and portability of data, and restriction, including objection to automated decision-making.
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