Binta and the big idea

Munduko Hiritarrok. Interculturalism. Secondary Education (ESO 1). Dream and build

Before watching the video "Binta and the big idea" we recommend understanding the situation in Senegal, the country where the story takes place. In order to do that, the students will have to search information in groups and elaborate an explanatory scheme with the main aspects of the country. Each group will share this work with the rest of their classmates and finally they will watch the film.



Material necesario
* Computer.
* Projector.
* Internet access to watch the videos.
13 years
3 x 50 minute sessions
Download material
Card 2.1.pdf

Teaching material

Controller: Fundación Alboan
Recipients: Management of requests and enquiries.
Legal basis: Granted consents, legitimate interests and regulatory compliance.
Recipients: Third party service providers, including international transfers.
Rights: Access, rectification, erasure and portability of data, and restriction, including objection to automated decision-making.
Origin: User.
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