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Stand by: Beyond borders

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Stand by: beyond borders


Through Iván Benítez's lens, we gain a closer look at the lives of the people and families who leave their homes in search of a safe and dignified destination. Their stories come to us from Central America, where thousands of people undertake a dangerous journey from the region’s Northern Triangle—Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador—towards the north of the continent through Mexico. There are also the stories of the thousands of Syrian families who arrive in Lebanon and Greece to escape a war which started in 2011, and which has gone on too long. These are two sides of the same coin which remind us that it’s time to open our eyes to the reality and turn our borders into points of solidarity. 


  1. 1 - Competence in learning to learn
  2. 2 - Linguistic competence
  3. 3 - Social and citizen competence

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Stand by: beyond borders
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