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We divide the group into smaller groups. Each group will have to look for labels of products that have been made in a Southern country. After this, they will think of the different steps that their product undergoes until it reaches the shop in their neighbourhood. Then, they will calculate the percentage of the final price that the agents who intervene in the commercialization obtain as benefit. Finally, a map of their neighbourhood will be drafted, by indicating the points where one can find the products that have been analysed. They will be asked to discuss which people benefit most and which people do not benefit from this distribution, and what can be done to ensure a fairer distribution.

Material necesario
1.- Access to Internet or the possibility of leaving the centre.
2.- Pen.
3.- Paper.
12-18 years
1 hour plus previous preparation
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Teaching material

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Recipients: Third party service providers, including international transfers.
Rights: Access, rectification, erasure and portability of data, and restriction, including objection to automated decision-making.
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