Outlook for the future, sharing dreams

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The reality of refugees is worked with Sketching the future publication. The boys and girls from the group will organize the texts and the drawings that they have received, classifying them into three moments, depending on when they have been drawn. After working in couples for a while, they share how they have classified the testimonies and the drawings with the large group, and how they have felt after gaining more insight into that reality. They can conclude by reflecting on what we have to do to try to make all the people´s wishes come true.

Material necesario
1.- Sheets of paper (present, past, future).
2.- Coloured pencils.
3.- Drawings and texts from the publication “Outlook for the future” (free of charge at ALBOAN’s headquarters and downloadable from:
12-18 years
1 hour and 30 minutes
Download material
Card 1.1.pdf

Teaching material

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