Munduko Hiritarrok. Interculturalism. Baccalaureate. Framework document

Interculturalism. Baccalaureate

The material is the continuation of a process initiated by Ellacuría Social Foundation and ALBOAN. Its aim is to offer educators a tool to self-train, use critical thought, and educate on the matter of global citizenship. The result of this collaboration was the creation of an educational proposal for work on interculturalism in early childhood education and primary schools. The materials presented here are an extension of the above in order to work on interculturalism at Baccalaureate.

We already live in an increasingly diverse society, not only culturally. Aspects such as the idea of a universal citizenship, equity, the positive management of diversity, social participation and the acquirement of cultural and social skills are essential to educate students. We believe that an instructive approach -based on teacher training- can permeate every level of the education system.

16 to 18 years.
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