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Dona and Dino's professions

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Duration: 1 session
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Learn through laughter with Kamishibai


Lay out cards with all sorts of professions, trying to also include some atypical professions, such as pianist, journalist or lifeguard. Divide the blackboard into two halves, one for Dino and one for Dona. The pupils can get up spontaneously, take a card and place it on whichever side of the blackboard they consider appropriate according to the gender to finish with a collective conclusion.


  1. 1 - Cultural and artistic competence
  2. 2 - Competence in learning to learn
  3. 3 - Linguistic competence
  4. 4 - Social and citizen competence

Necessary material

1.- Cards.
2.- Markers.
3.- Adhesive tape.

Material to download

Card 7.1.pdf
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Learn through laughter with Kamishibai
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