The blind train

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The large group is divided into several small groups, and each group will set up a train where the train driver (the last person in queue) can’t talk and the passengers have their eyes covered and can’t see. Each train must move around the space without crashing against the rest of the trains. As the driver can´t talk, he must use signals or pat the shoulders of the person in front of him. The rest of the passengers follow the indications made by the train driver.

When the game is over, the class will reflect on the importance of trust and communication when acting as a group; and also as regards the need to take the time and not go too quickly when trying to do things properly.

Material necesario
1.- Scarves for blinding.
2.- The blind train, “Munduko hiritarrok” (downloadable from "":
12-18 years
30 minutes
Download material
Card 0.3.pdf

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