U-Change: building a collective intelligence with critical, diverse and inclusive thinking on refuge and migration

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The CHANGE project sought to increase the awareness and participation of young students (aged 13-18) on issues of migration, refugees and coexistence by encouraging students to think critically, distinguishing fact from opinion and recognising prejudices and stereotypes. The U-CHANGE research sought to assess the impact among students on their ability to improve civic participation, seeking to promote intercultural exchange, diversity and social inclusion.

The research was based on teachers and students in 9 European countries (Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain), involving a total of 10,245 students and 315 teachers. It was conducted by JRS Europe, in collaboration with Entreculturas and Alboan and the Institute for Migration Studies at Comillas University (Spain), Collège St. Michel and CEBECO (Belgium); Popoli Insieme (Italy) and JRS Hungary, co-funded by Erasmus+.


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